525lensBabyMost lenses are designed to keep the lens, and therefore the projection of the image, at a certain angle relative to the film plane or sensor. Lensbaby lenses are designed so you can change that angle. It’s kind of a twist on tilt-shift lenses without the tilt. So, like tilting a tilt-shift lens, you can get very cool selective focus effects. Unlike tilt-shift lenses you can get into a Lensbaby relatively cheap. I think they’ve done a great job designing the products and the build quality on the stuff I’ve got is great. The base units are very usable and flexible (pun intended) and they’ve got a large line of other products that work together to produce a lot of combination options.

Best of all they’re fun and I love the results.

I’ve got the Muse with a double glass optic and the super wide angle accessory.

Check out my Lensbaby stuff here and their site is www.lensbaby.com.


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