Locations and Subjects

I’m in San Diego and my family and I like to get out and find things to do so you’ll see a lot of San Diego County stuff (especially East County and Mission Valley). As I notice that pictures of a certain subject or place are accumulating I’ll post an explanation and information on it here.

Jame’s Hubbell –
James Hubbell is a local artist and architect. My wife moved to San Diego to work for him so, in a way, I wouldn’t be married without him. She stopped working for him when we had our daughter but has kept in touch and of course we still enjoy getting out to see his work so you’ll see a lot of pictures of it here. For more information visit – www.hubbellandhubbell.com.

Overpasses –
I’m obsessed with overpasses (maybe that’s evolving to all bridges) and I’m not quite sure why.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe –
I’m not exactly sure why but I always feel the need to shoot any image of Our Lady Of Guadalupe that I see. This compulsion is shared by a few friends on my ttv group on Flickr.

Flowers and plants around my house –
My Wife is quite the gardener so it’s inevitable that I end up shooting quite a bit of the fruits of her labor.

Grids and repeated paterns –
Being a low tech / weird technique guy I love the distorted look that often comes with ttv or a cheap wide angle lens adapter. Grids, lines and patterns can really emphasize this look so I find myself shooting them when I can.


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